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Instant glass froster

Ο Almi 22 is our third-ever product in the Almi series and instantly cools any type of glass with the use of liquid CO2 (carbon dioxide). The appliance can be placed over the bar, occupies very little space and allows you to serve beer, wine, cocktail and any other drink in an ice-cold glass.

Το Almi 22

• It does not need electrical power to operate and removes the ice storage depot as you can freeze instantly and when prompted
• It does not alter the flavor of the drink as the ice layer created in the glass using the Almi 22 is gasified and no water is produced.

With nearly 40 years' experience in construction, we have selected the best certified construction materials and the construction is completely stainless.

• It gives hygiene as with the chilling of the beaker sterilization is provided.
• By using Almi 22, in addition to adding value to the drink, a visual effect is also created, which in most cases leads to increased consumption by the customer