Our company is the first and the only one in Greece that manufactures machinery for cutlery polishing and sterilization.

ALMI-20 dries, polishes and sterilizes cutlery after being washed. This procedure is usually done by hand and is costly in time and money but this machine can help you save both time and money. ALMI-20 works with an inverter and its productivity can reach 10000 pieces of cutlery per hour and is a valuable and clever investment that apart from the time and money saving guarantees high and standard quality finish improving the image of your restaurant.

It has electronic control for the cutlery speed exit according to the user’s needs. The machine needs 10L of vegetal material for the proper operation. The washed wet cutlery are put in the machine and they start a helical conduit through a vegetal material that is heated and simultaneously vibrated. The absorbing ability, the vibration and the heat of the material result in continuous drying and polishing of cutlery.

Though following the hygienic rules and the 93/43/EWG ΕΕ, regulation the cutlery pass through a tunnel with a UVC lamp where both the vegetal material as well as the cutlery are sterilized.

This machine is reliable it doesn't take a lot of space and for its operation only one person is need. It is fast and has high productivity leaving the personnel free to be occupied with more productive and necessary activities.

Technical Specifications

Height 92 cm
Width 62 cm
Length 54 cm
1100 W
220V / 50Hz
8000-10000 pieces/hour