ALMI-22 can frost instantly any shape and size of glass by using liquid CO2 (carbon dioxide).2 (διοξείδιο του άνθρακα).

The appliance can be placed over the bar, occupies very little space and offers the possibility of serving beer, wine, cocktails and other beverages in an ice-cold glass. Due to its small size it can be installed on the bar and it can provide instant freezing and serving on a cold glass, beer, cocktails, wine and any other drink. ALMI-22 is stainless steel with certified materials. Its use does not affect the structure and the taste of the drink offered to the client as CO2 has no odor and the ice that is formed on the glass becomes gas and not liquid. It provides hygiene to your service as the glasses are sterilized with the freezing process. It doesn’t need electricity to operate and it offers impressive optical effects which can improve your presentation and increase your sales